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Vintage Camera

Tips for taking quality pictures

In order for us to give you the most accurate estimate we can, we need to be able to clearly see the details of your furniture's condition.

sofa vintage.jpg

Clear the clutter &
good lighting

Clear Space Around the Furniture:
If the furniture is in a packed space or if it's near other objects, move it or the other stuff so you can get a picture of the whole piece with nothing hiding any part of it.
Good lighting:

If the furniture is in a dark area, turn on some lights so that the furniture will be well lit or move it outside on a bright cloudy day. If you're trying to get a clear picture of the finish, bright indirect lighting without the flash is best,

red couch.jpg

Multiple pictures & 
difference angles

Show the whole piece:

Take pictures from the front, front corner (so that it shows both the front and the side), back corner (so that it shows the side and the back.
Show closeups wherever is needed:
If the finish is bad, closeup pictures of dings/scratches, water marks & such. please remember to tell us where theses problem areas are of the piece. 


Close-up picture of the damaged area. 

On Furniture just needing repairs:
Take pictures of the entire piece of furniture. Take a closeup picture of the entire section of the furniture where the is damage located so that we can see how the damage is positioned on the piece. And then, take a close-up picture of the damage it's self. 

Please remember to give us as much information as you can, there's never too much!

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